Business Continuity Planning 

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an essential management practice in todays world

Business Continuity Planning has become an essential management practice in today’s world that can help a nonprofit continue vital processes and stay focused, while protecting people, assets, and the organization’s mission and reputation. 

The purpose of this training will be to provide guidance in alignment with best practice and standards to build organizational resilience.

What's included?

BCP Overview

What is Business Continuity Planning?

3 Approaches

Three Approaches to Structuring a Business Continuity Plan

Your Agency

Capturing Lessons Learned from the Heart of Your Agency: Your Workforce
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Nonprofit Risk Management Center

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center inspires effective risk management and Risk Champions across the nonprofit sector. We enable nonprofit leaders to identify and manage risks that threaten their missions and operations, while empowering them to leverage opportunities and take bold, mission-advancing risks.
Patrick Jones - Course author